Full service DSD

Your dedicated team of Direct Store Delivery consultants

At Food Pro, we are your strategic retail success consultants and snack food suppliers. We are invested in your success. Our team will dive into the heart of your store, meticulously curate your product lineup, and set up racks brimming with diversity and potential.

Product Audit

As your full service DSD partner, our journey with you begins with a thorough initial assessment of your current product lineup. We audit your store’s layout, customer demographics, and existing snack offerings to gain a deep understanding of your unique retail environment. 

Customer Analysis

Recognizing the diversity of consumer preferences, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your clientele. This involves studying purchasing patterns, peak buying times, and customer feedback to identify the snack preferences and buying behavior of your customers.

Performance Tracking 

Utilizing sophisticated data analytics, we evaluate the performance of each product in your current inventory. This includes tracking sales, understanding seasonal trends, and identifying underperforming products that may need to be replaced or repositioned.

Customized Recommendation

Based on our findings, we recommend a tailored product mix that aligns with your customers’ preferences and maximizes shelf appeal. Our recommendations aim to introduce a diverse range of snacks, ensuring that there is something enticing for every customer who walks into your store.

Delivery & Set Up 

Once we’ve identified the ideal product assortment, our team expertly sets up and organizes the racks in your store. This not only optimizes the visual appeal but also ensures easy accessibility and navigation for customers, enhancing their shopping experience.

Quarterly Reviews

Regular quarterly reviews are an integral part of our process. We sit down with you to discuss product performance, customer feedback, and potential areas for improvement. These reviews are crucial for maintaining a successful, responsive, and dynamic product lineup.

10% Increase

Our agility as a compact distributor means we can guarantee an average 10% increase in volume when you switch from a drop ship competitor to our premium full-service DSD offering.

100% Guarantee

With our full-service partnership, we offer an unmatched 100% guarantee on unsold items, empowering you to experiment without risk.

What our clients are saying

Food Pro is my favorite vendor to deal with. If there is ever a problem with service, it is addressed immediately and doesn’t happen again. Their level of care in the work they do is second to none.

Tommy – Speedee Mart